Anatolia Turkish Mediterranean Grill

We are the only Turkish & Mediterranean restaurant in downtown Albuquerque. 
And, we deliver! 

Come enjoy your favorites!

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Turkish cuisine in Albuquerque, New Mexico

It is our goal is to delight you with the finest Turkish dishes from our home in Adana, Turkey. 

The variety of cultures that have inhabited Anatolia Turkey that give rise to the unique flavors and dishes include Romans, Persian, Greeks, Assyrians, and Ottoman people. Anatolia is a place of historic significance as all of these cultures have left behind artifacts and relics still being uncovered by archeologists to this day.

Our chefs are professionally trained in both the regional cuisine of Turkey, as well as Mediterranean cuisine. Their experience with the large array of delicious Turkish spices make Anatolia's food unlike anything else you can find. 

It is important to please our customers, keeping our prices very low and providing fresh, healthy food using local and overseas-imported ingredients. We have a different special dish every day for $5.99 and cater both to vegetarians and meat lovers alike. 

Because we love to cook, and we especially love to see people smile when they eat our food, we have had great success and wonderful reviews as the head chefs of other restaurants. That wasn't enough for us. We wanted to share something special and distinct with our customers and friends, so we decided to open our own business, and that is how Anatolia came to be. 

We offer an authentic style of food that cannot be found anywhere else in New Mexico. Everything from our sauces to our marinades and grilling, are done carefully by hand and always with a touch of love. We grill right in front of your eyes, and none of our food is ever precooked. We are also very family friendly, our food is fresh, healthy, and delicious- It will change the way you eat!

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Our Info

Our Phone Number is: (505) 242-6718
We are located at
313 B Central NW Albuquerque
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102

Hours of operation

Monday - Thursday: 11AM - 2:30PM 5PM to 9PM
Friday: 11AM - 2:30PM - 5PM to 11PM
Saturday: 230PM - 11PM
Sunday: CLOSED